Rob Thomas at the Borgata - Presale Tips & FAQs

  • Login to your Rob Thomas account immediately. If your account has lapsed, or your password needs updating, it is much better to get this taken care of before the presale begins, and our staff will be more readily available to assist you. Contact our support staff HERE or call us at 1-877-463-CTRL
  • This event is very limited in space and sells out very quickly every year. Presale tickets are NOT guaranteed to fan club members, as they are offered at a first-come, first-serve basis. 
  • If you do not get tickets during the presale, you can still have an opportunity to buy them during the public onsale on 9/12/2014 @ 10am (local venue time) 
  • All of the VIP packages will be released during the presale, so if the VIP Packages sell out during the presale, then there will not be any available during the public onsale. 
  • VIP Packages will ONLY be available for the Bogata shows on 1/16/2014 and 1/17/2014. VIP PACKAGES WILL NOT BE OFFERED FOR THE SHOW ON 1/18/2014.
  • We highly recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari to make your ticket purchases. Rob Thomas' site is best optimized on these browsers, we do not recommend you use Internet Explorer. 
  • Please delete your browser's history, cookies & cache (before the pre-sale). After that, it would also be helpful to close your browser and come back to the site AND log off and log back in. 
  • Please make sure that you are not using a work computer that has security settings that may prevent you from making purchases online.
  • Do not open multiple tabs/windows or browsers to try and get tickets.
  • Do not log into your account on multiple devices during the pre-sale.
  • Please make sure you spell your will-call and billing name correctly.
  • Please make sure you spell your email address correctly.


Q. Do I need a password to access pre-sale tickets and/or VIP packages? 

A. No. All you need to do is login to your account and the tickets & VIP packages will be available for purchase


Q. Should I attempt to open multiple tabs in my browser for a better chance at getting tickets? 

A. No. This can actually cause more issues and is likely to prevent you from getting any tickets. 


Q. How many tickets can I buy?

A. 4 total


Q. If I use 2 different credit cards, can I purchase more than 4?

A. NO. The limit is 4 per user. Purchasing more than 4 tickets will result in ALL of your tickets being refunded and placed back into inventory. 


Q. The presale just started and it already says "SOLD OUT", what gives?

A. When the presale begins, everyone places tickets into their cart, which temporarily removes them from inventory. Tickets are held for 12 minutes in your cart. If someone decides not to purchase or the user takes too long to complete the purchase, the tickets will be removed from their cart and placed back into inventory for another fan to buy. If you see "SOLD OUT" keep refreshing your page. Tickets should eventually pop up for you to buy.


Q. If I call in to the support team, will I have better chances at getting tickets/VIP packages? 

A. While our team is happy to assist if needed, they have to purchase in the same method that you do. They view the same page and get the same ticket options, so you will not get better seats or tickets after the event is sold out if you call in.


Q. When does the presale begin?

A. Tuesday, September 9th at 10am local venue time (EST)


Q. I'm having trouble logging in/accessing my account, what should I do?

A. Contact our support staff HERE or call 1-877-463-CTRL; during the presale the staff will be very busy so it is best to address any issues beforehand.